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Nov 1, 2009 6:00pm EST
m dan harris >>> i'm dan harris, and this is "world news." toght, the obama effect. the president back on the campaign trail, trying to help an embattled democrat up for election on tuesday. can he rally voters the way he did one year ago? >>> election chaos in afghanistan. after president karzai's chief rival quits. where does this leave the u.s. effort to stabilize that country? >>> sweet spot. our investigation into the marketing of fatty, sugary foods to children. now, they are targeted online, on their cell phones and even inside of popular video games. many parents have no idea. >>> and, born to run. as an american man wins the new york marathon for the first time in a generation, we look at why, when it comes to running, humans are the king of beasts. >>> good evening. one year ago tonight, barack obama was out on t campaign trail heading to victory under the banner of yes we can. today, they were calling it yes we can 2.0, as mr. obama went back on the campaign trail, not for himself, but for the governor of new jersey, jon corzine. this race is emerginging as a test of ob
Nov 29, 2009 6:00pm EST
. the obama administration's new effort to help homeowners facing foreclosure. shing the banks into renegotiating. >>> and, the test of the guru. after making millions preaching the power of positive thinking, how does wayne dyer handle it when things go terribly wrong in his own life? >>> good evening. all police officers know that when they clock in every day, danger is apart of the j. but the four officers in washington state who were shot dead today, executed, really, were just sitting in a coffee shop taking their laptops before their shifts began. police are calling it a targeted attack, and as we go on the air tonight, there is a manhunt on for at least one suspect. we start with neal karlinsky who is in parkland, washington, tonight. >> reporter: dan, good evening from a very active scene in the last 30 minutes, police have declared this area a hot zone. they signed three sharpshooters to the area who are milling about in the area here. all part of a manhunt for the suspect who gunned down four police officers inside a coffee shop just down the road there. a quiet holid
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4 (some duplicates have been removed)